TFA Academy: e-learning for Nannies and Family Assistants

Do you want to get started as a Nanny or Family Assistant at TFA? Then we will train you in our TFA Academy. This complete e-learning consists of several modules, which you go through before and during your career as a Nanny or Family Assistant. This way, you will start working confidently and we can offer our families the best quality. 

tfa academy

Why take the e-learning for Nannies and Family Assistants?

The Family Assistant stands for quality and reliability. We therefore only work with carefully screened and trained Nannies and Family Assistants. That is why the TFA e-learning is a mandatory part of our cooperation. For you as a Nanny or Family Assistant, it is a very valuable training, in which you learn all the ins and outs about the profession. 

What does The Family Assistant's e-learning look like?

In the e-learning you will learn all about our working methods, your duties and discretion. But also everything about hospitality, etiquette, healthy eating, media literacy and much more. You can look back at the modules as a refresher. That way you keep developing continuously.

You will also find an online bulletin board in the e-learning environment where you can share experiences and ask questions.

TFA live master classes: learning and connecting with other Nannies and Family Assistants

To ensure professionalism and stay up to date on the latest developments in the field, we offer in-depth live master classes in addition to e-learning. We delve into topics: etiquette, manners, security, agenda management, pedagogy and communication. During these live master classes on location, you also have the opportunity to meet other Nannies and Family Assistants. You can exchange experiences and share tips with each other.

Coaching and mentoring during your career

Do you need guidance from us during your career as a Nanny or Family Assistant? You can! We coach our Nannies and Family Assistants as needed. This way you get the most out of your career and our families are assured of a happy Nanny or Family Assistants. We are here for you! 

Have you become excited about a career as a Nanny or Family Assistant through TFA? Get in touch via the button below. We would love to help you find the perfect match! 

tfa academy