Becoming a Family Assistant through TFA

The profession of Family Assistant is enormously popular, and we understand why! Family Assistant is a versatile job in which you can fully develop different sides of yourself. As a Family Assistant, you help busy families organize their family life, in the broadest sense of the word. Do you have a passion for working with children, running a family and are you an organiser? Do you want depth and challenge in your work? Then the role of Family Assistant is made for you. Read all about working as a Family Assistant through TFA here. 

becoming a family assistant

What does a Family Assistant do?

A Family Assistant ensures that everything in the family runs smoothly. Think of organizing outings, coordinating (sports) activities, supporting with administrative work and providing healthy meals. A Family Assistant is great at organizing and loves variety and challenges. Our Family Assistants get plenty of opportunities to develop, both personally and organizationally. 

The tasks below may be part of a Family Assistant role:

  • Organizing private events such as children's parties, dinners and birthdays.
  • Booking trips, concerts, restaurants.
  • Ensure presentable appearance of living and reception area.
  • Processing packages.
  • Scheduling calls/appointments both business and personal.
  • Manage sports apps, school apps.
  • Coordinate sports activities.
  • Managing internal staff.
  • Support in administrative work. Taking care of necessary supplies in the house.
  • Purchasing basic clothing/sportswear.
  • Home maintenance.
  • Bringing and picking up children to and from school/ sports clubs etc.
  • Family agenda management, scheduling appointments such as the dentist, family doctor, physical therapy, sports and music lessons.
  • Providing homework help.
  • Providing a healthy meal.
  • Caring for the pets.

What are the characteristics of a Family Assistant?

Do you recognize yourself in the points below? Then a job as a Family Assistant is really for you! 

  • You seek depth in your work and have a desire to develop within your field.
  • You hold at least a mbo level 4 diploma and have hbo working and thinking level.
  • You have a great sense of responsibility and the ability to carry the organization of a family.
  • You are service minded by listening to and carrying out the wishes of the family, you have a flexible working attitude in this.
  • You have a passion for working with children and find in this the challenge of guiding them as they grow up.
  • You are presentable and the business card of the family, you master good manners and convey them to the children. You are a role model.
  • You are proactive by getting ahead of the situation and can switch gears well.
  • You have organizational experience, you are a real jack-of-all-trades who knows how to keep calm at times of need.
  • You are respectful and handle the information entrusted to you by the family with discretion.

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What do the terms of employment for a Family Assistant through TFA look like?

A Family Assistant is employed on a full-time salaried contract with a family or business. If you are employed by the employer, you are socially insured and the family or company pays employer taxes for you. You also get paid when you are sick, for example, and are entitled to vacation days and vacation pay. You get a contract for a fixed number of hours with a minimum of 30 hours per week. This makes a job as a Family Assistant a unique combination of freedom, independence and responsibilities. 

What is the salary if I become a Family Assistant through TFA?

The salary of a Family Assistant is usually higher than the average salary in this industry. This requires flexibility and dedication to one family and/or business. We work on a private basis, and the employer offers you an employment contract. The salary indication is between €3,000 to €5,000 per month (based on education level and experience).

Training and coaching during your career as a Family Assistant

Our Family Assistants will have access to the TFA Academy. In it you will find different modules with themes such as: task domain, caregiving and family management, etiquette and hospitality. We also hold regular (live) master classes, where you can connect with other Family Assistants and exchange experiences. This is how we ensure that you can start working as a high-quality professional on our team from day one. In addition, we always coach and guide you in your career. 

What does the application process for Family Assistants at TFA look like?

Because quality and reliability are our number one priorities, we work with a set application process. This is how we help you find your ideal match. The application procedure for Family Assistants looks like this:

Did you get excited?

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