About The Family Assistant

The Family Assistant has been matching the most professional, reliable and experienced Nannies and Family Assistants to diverse families since 2020. Naomi Plijnaar, Founder of TFA, started The Family Assistant with the main goal: to give as many ambitious women and men as possible the opportunity to combine a career with a stress-free family life. A Nanny or Family Assistant is someone who ensures that you can fully focus on your work, while at home everything runs perfectly and you can enjoy more and have quality-time with the family after work.

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TFA operates according to three core values

At TFA, discretion is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that privacy is of utmost importance, which is why we treat all information and interactions with the highest degree of confidentiality. Our Family Assistants and Nannies are trained to act with professionalism and restraint so that families feel safe and respected.

Anticipation is a crucial core value that sets us apart. We strive to always think one step ahead so that we can proactively respond to need and wants. Our Family Assistants and Nannies are trained to pick up on subtle signals and respond appropriately.

We understand that a busy family life can come with many responsibilities and challenges. That's why we are committed to taking the daily tasks and worries out of your hands, so parents can focus on what really matters: spending time together.

''From my own experience, being an entrepreneur and having a family (3 sons), I know what is involved in having a career and a family life. Both deserve my maximum attention but that is not always easy. This is why a Family Assistant or Nanny is so important and nice and how to achieve the ideal balance for the whole family. In short: the key to a stress-free family life and beautiful career!''

More information?

We work with a close and involved team and a large network of Nannies and Family Assistants. Personal attention to your wishes and needs is important to us. 

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