A job as a nanny offers the unique opportunity to be involved in the development and supervision of children on a daily basis. You have the time and space to do this and do not experience pressure from, for example, a large group of children, such as at a daycare. You can focus on the individual child.

A Nanny is employed on the basis of a fully-fledged contract in paid employment with a family, the employer, in which you are socially insured and the family pays the employer’s costs for you. This job varies between 32 and 40 hours a week and offers a unique combination of freedom, independence and responsibilities.

The salary of a Nanny is usually higher than the average salary in this sector. This requires flexibility and dedication to one family. We work on a private basis, and the employer offers you an employment contract.

Every year we train a growing number of candidates during our masterclasses. The focus here is on the professionalism and quality that you will offer. We zoom in on, among other things, the upbringing, development of a child, etiquette, unburdening and family management. In this way we ensure that you can start working as a high-quality professional of our team from day one. In addition, we always guide you in your career and we coach according to your needs.