A job as a Family Assistant offers you the unique opportunity to be intensely involved with a family on a daily basis. You get plenty of opportunity to develop your qualities and to put all your focus on one family.

A Family Assistant works on a full-time contract as an employee of the family, who will act as the employer. Through this you will have the proper social securities and the family will take care of the employer charges. In this employment, you will be working on a 32 to 40-hour contract a week which offers you the unique combination of freedom, independence, and accountability.

The salary of a Family Assistant is in general higher than the average salary of a comparable role in this field of expertise. This will however ask flexibility and dedication to one family. We work on a proprietary basis, the family will act as the employer and will offer you an employment contract.

On a yearly basis we develop a growing number of candidates during our highly rated masterclasses. Professionality of service and quality of delivery is key in these sessions. We focus, amongst others, on etiquette and on how to take away the care of managing the family life. Through this, you can act as a highly rated professional from our team from day one. Next to this, we will guide you throughout your career and will provide the opportunity for coaching sessions if and when required.