Have you become enthusiastic about the profession of ‘Family Assistant’? Please find below the application procedure. We are excited to meet you!

Application procedure steps:

Call or mail us if you are interested in becoming a Family Assistant, we are more than happy to answer all your questions. Together we can then determine whether the profession as a Family Assistant is a good match.

If you are interested you can send us your Resume, through this we can determine if this fits our requirements and following this we will contact you.

Following a positive screening of your Resume we will schedule a meeting in person. Via this we would like to get to know you and determine whether there is connection between us, from both sides.

We will ask you to share your most recent and relevant references with us. We will perform a check on the paperwork, like your diplomas, Certificate of Conduct and first-aid certificate. If everything checks out and is up to date and accurate, we would be very happy to welcome you to our team!

After you’ve officially joined TFA you can start with the masterclass of The Family Assistant. Following a successful completion of the masterclass you will be ready to apply for the most exciting job available; Family Assistant! We will support you in your search to a family that meets your needs and personality.