The Family Assistant Masterclass


Develop yourself with our masterclasses

During the TFA masterclasses we will look together at your learning goals. We go through the startup masterclass as a class on the set days. These days are organized 4 times a year, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. 

The masterclass is a full-day program in which we go deeper into applying for a job and working with a family, work that comes with the Family Assistant profession and the associated discretion. During this day, teachers teach the following topics: hosting, mindset, etiquette, identity and style. 

Case studies are used to assess where your qualities lie and what learning goals you have.

Before you start with a family, you must have completed the start-up masterclass with a positive result.

To guarantee professionalism and stay up to date with the latest developments in the field, we offer our Family Assistants in-depth masterclasses. We delve into subjects of etiquette, manners, security offline and online, agenda management, pedagogy and communication.