A family assistant / nanny is close to your personal life, therefore it is essential that there is a good connection and feeling. We support you in every step of the process to find the right family assistant for you.

We like to make a personal appointment with you to understand the requirements you and your family have and to discuss the different possibilities. During the selection process, we will be in touch continuously. We will look at the needs of you and your family and make sure we find the right fit.

By following the steps listed below you will have a professional family assistant / nanny in no time.

The steps to our way of working:

During an initial telephone conversation, we can have a look at what we could mean for you. During this, you can ask your questions and we can determine together whether a family assistant is a right solution for you.

In case you are interested, we will send you an email regarding our way of working, general information, and our terms and conditions without any obligations.

TFA will schedule an intake at an appropriate time. During this intake we will look at your needs and wishes together. By doing this we can make our search for the right candidate for your family specific to your needs.

Following your confirmation we can commence our search. We will look at our databases to find a number of suitable candidates and will then approach them. Following consultation with the candidates we will send you their CV per email.

TFA will go through the candidates with you per email. You will select which candidates you would like to meet and speak with. Following your feedback we will continue in the process.

TFA will plan the interviews with the selected candidates. This will be scheduled on a location, date and time that fits your schedule. You can decide how you would like to take these interviews and if preferred we can provide you with advice on this.

After the interviews have taken place we will get in touch with you to evaluate the candidates. You can then inform us which candidate(s) you would like to proceed with in the process.

We will schedule trial runs for your with the selected candidate(s). This an opportunity for you to experience the collaboration with the candidate in real life and to see if there is a good connection between you. This is also a nice opportunity for the kids to meet the potential family assistant. In case of doubt we will start another search to find the appropriate candidate. In case of a good connection with one of the family assistants / nannies we will continue the process.

After mutual agreement to continue with the candidate we will provide you with an indication of their salary. You can discuss the salary with the family assistant / nanny during the trial run or at a third meeting.

The contract will be between you and the family assistant. Following the agreement on the collaboration, you will offer the family assistant / nanny an employment contract. If required we can support with the set up of the contract. In addition, we can advise you on relevant matters for you as their employer.

Once the contract is signed by both parties we will send you our negotiation fee. In the event that we have not been able to find the appropriate candidate for you we do not charge any costs. In case the search at TFA was stopped, we will remove your personal details from our database.

Two weeks after the start of the contract we will get in touch with you and the family assistant / nanny to see how things are going. We will provide coaching to the family assistant / nanny if and when required. After 6 weeks, 4 months and 10 months we will also get in touch to have an evaluation with you on the performance of the family assistant. This can be done over the phone, per email or in person. We are always available in case there is a need to be in touch throughout the employment of your family assistant / nanny.