TFA applies the following three core values; discretion, anticipation, and burden-free families. Through this, you get a clear picture of where our company stands for and what we find important in our intermediation and service with the families.

Our three core values explained:

TFA will act confidentially with your personal details, as will the family assistant. This is in line with GDPR guidelines. The Family Assistant will act discretely with information that she is exposed to with and around your family. In this field of expertise, discretion is one of the most important values.

We fully understand how important and pleasant it is to be fully supported with your intense family life. Our family assistants are trained to feel what is required and are able to anticipate to every situation. This will prevent stressful moments which is what makes this so valuable for you and this also demonstrates the high level of service delivered.

The Family Assistant is the one who really creates a pleasant environment. She will take care of organizational tasks, is service-oriented and feels responsible for the well being of your family.