TFA selects only the very best Nannies and Family Assistants. We do this because not only we, but also our families go for the best choice. A Nanny or Family Assistant is therefore not randomly assigned; there is an extensive selection process beforehand. How does this work? Read more about it here!

The first contact with a candidate is through the website or a vacancy. Candidates send us their CV, which is extensively checked. This is followed by a telephone interview.

After an approved CV and a positive introduction, we invite the candidate for a personal interview.

During this interview, various in-depth questions are asked and we check whether the already acquired work experience is sufficient. In addition, we pay attention to attitude and body language, representativeness, professionalism and the overall picture: is the candidate the real business card of the family where she will work?

If TFA is convinced of this, then a number of steps follow, including checking diplomas and references, and we request a Certificate of Good Conduct.

If the extensive check is approved, the candidate is admitted to follow our TFA Master Class. This Master Class is a full-day programme, in which a number of important themes are explored in depth. During this day, several lecturers teach on themes such as hosting, etiquette and style. A TFA Master Class must be successfully completed by a candidate.

For Nannies and Family Assistants there are several in-depth master classes throughout the year where the latest themes and developments are discussed. In this way we guarantee the level of competence of our Nanny’s and Family Assistants not only before they start their new job, but also during their career at TFA!