Families do not choose a Family Assistant (FA) from TFA lightly. They do so because they only want the best for their family. With the best qualifications and the most positive, proactive attitude, she supports the family. She takes care of the situation and anticipates, and does so with complete discretion. Not coincidentally, these are also the core values of TFA. But what can you expect from an FA?

Not one day is the same in the families where our Family Assistant works. That’s no problem because all our FAs have extensive experience in organizing and running a family and everything around it! No assignment or task is strange for our Family Assistants. Here are some examples of what they do, and can do!

Agenda management is often a common thread in the work of a Family Assistant. Appointments are planned and schedules are respected. Is it a child’s birthday? She doesn’t shy away from organizing a birthday party. Does someone in the family have to go to dancing lessons or football training? No problem; the necessary equipment is ready beforehand and everyone is at their destination on time. And do you need new clothes? They will probably have been delivered the day before. An FA always thinks ahead!

A Family Assistant has a coordinating role within the family. This means that other internal or external personnel are managed, and where necessary she helps out herself. She takes care of an organized household and peace for everyone.

But a Family Assistant of TFA does much more. Interested in the possibilities? Feel free to contact us!